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Engine Repair Service in Chicago

The engine is the most important component in the entire vehicle. When your engine breaks down, your vehicle isn't going anywhere. If you are having any kind of engine troubles, schedule an appointment for diagnostic and repair services at our local business. At our engine repair shop, we provide affordable and dependable engine repair service for customers throughout the area. 

Don't drive your vehicle around town any longer than you have to if you are experiencing engine trouble. We can often discover and repair small issues that cause the check engine light to come on before they turn into huge and expensive problems. At our auto engine repair facility, we have more than two decades of experience in repairing engines and performing engine replacement service for our customers. 

Your Trusted Chicago Engine Repair Shop

The crew at our shop always performs high-quality engine repairs before recommending engine replacement. We have decades of experience and cutting-edge technology on our side, and we can quickly diagnose and repair most problems. From imported exotic cars to domestic trucks and sport utility vehicles, we handle repair services on engines in all makes and models of vehicles. 

However, when repairs aren't a feasible option, we do offer affordable engine replacement options as well. When repairs aren't in the cards, we remove the engine entirely and replace it with a working model. All new engines we install in your vehicle undergo rigorous testing before we turn the vehicle over to you to ensure the safest driving conditions possible for you and your passengers.

Engine in Chicago

The Benefits of Prompt Engine Repair

There’s nothing more inconvenient or dangerous than being stuck on the side of the road in the middle of the night, especially during Chicago’s winters. When your engine quits on you, you could be anywhere at any time, leaving you vulnerable to severe weather, poor cell phone reception, and vehicle collisions due to inattentive drivers. Prompt engine repair service is the best way to avoid these nightmares and prevent your engine from breaking down in the first place. Any time you notice something strange with your vehicle, bring it to our skilled experts to find out what the problem is and get it fixed at an affordable rate. The last thing you want to pay for is an expensive tow truck or emergency roadside repairs.

Save Money on Repairs and Fuel Consumption

While it’s obvious that your vehicle needs an engine to drive, there are many other benefits to scheduling prompt auto engine repair by our professional team. Even if your engine is still running and just making strange noises or smells, you’re likely experiencing decreased gas mileage, increased oil consumption, and a slew of other conditions that are putting more wear and tear on your vehicle than you need.

By bringing your car, truck, or SUV to our repair shop as soon as you notice a problem, you’re able to save money on fuel and oil changes in the long run. In addition, catching minor problems early helps prevent them from turning into big, expensive problems that could require engine replacement service. Our mechanics are able to perform diagnostic tests to determine the source of your engine’s abnormalities and determine how serious the problem is.

What Are Some of the Most Common Engine Issues?

Your vehicle’s engine is a complex piece of machinery that utilizes many different components to work properly. If even one of these components is flawed or missing, you could be looking at significant engine issues that may cause serious damage. By regularly maintaining and quickly repairing your engine when necessary, you’re able to keep it in good condition.

Some of the most common problems requiring engine repair service include overheating, sensor malfunction, and an engine that fails to start. There are numerous reasons for these common problems, including:

  • Dead Battery
  • Corroded Cables
  • Motor Relay Failure
  • Ignition Switch Failure
  • Clogged Fuel Filter
  • Faulty Thermostat
  • Dirty Air Filter
  • Broken Radiator Hose
  • Coolant Leak

No matter what problem your engine is having, our skilled team with more than 20 years of experience is able to fix your engine, replace any worn or broken components, and even provide engine replacement service when necessary. We take pride in doing all of our maintenance and repair services at an affordable rate so you’re able to get back on the road and do the things that are important to you.

Signs That Mean You Need Auto Engine Repair Services

Since your vehicle is such a huge investment in your life, we know that you want to keep everything in running order. There are several signs that you can look for to signify that you might need auto engine repair services. Some of these telltale signs include the following:

  • Vehicle Handles Badly
  • Check Engine Light Comes On
  • Engine Begins Surging & Stalling
  • Engine Smells Like Burning Rubber or Gas
  • Vehicle Takes Too Long to Accelerate
  • Engine Makes Tapping or Popping Noises
  • Smoke Comes from the Front or Back of Vehicle

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with the mechanics at our engine repair shop. We perform engine repair services for clients all over Chicago, Illinois, and the surrounding areas